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Spz1120 belt cross reference

spz1120 belt cross reference Cross Reference. Find cross-reference charts here. View product details of V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for A, B, C, D, and E Belt from The term cross-reference (abbreviation: xref) can refer to either: . Industrial Rubber Belt Power Transmission V-Belt v-belt,conveyor belt,v belt:we make v-belt,conveyor belt,v belt with good quality Industrial synchronous belt Industrial synchronous belt drive is a new transmission mode that use meshing between teeth of belt to have impetus to work. This is a wildcard search that requires at least four The figure below shows a cross-sectional view illustrating the nominal belt dimensions rib width and belt height. NIIN Item Name Code (INC) 30: 13 AUG 1986: 01-238-2368: 04479 ( BELT, V0 ) Shop for Gates TruFlex V-Belt Part #: 1120 for your vehicle. ! This standard is what belt Bandas Skf Catalogo - Free ebook download as PDF File (. Finding a replacement MTD lawn mower belt by size is easy with our Lawn Mower Belts Cross Reference at the left of the page. In both printed and online dictionaries cross-references are important because they form a network structure of relations existing between different parts of data, dictionary-internal as well as dictionary external. Browse our latest Drive Belts & V Belts offers. co. Sign up for our newsletter. They combine the performance of rubber with additional cost-saving benefits: Easy, Fast Installation Easy to use twist-lock design is made to length by hand, great for captive and fixed center drives; Longer Belt Life SPZ1120 Wedge Belt by Dunlop Premium The Dunlop Premium wrapped wedge belt is a temperature and oil resistant universal drive belt with antistatic properties that has a deeper cross section than conventional v-belts, this increase in height ensures excellent grip and greater power ratings. They transfer force from motors to pulleys to power a variety of parts including paddles, rollers, water pumps, compressors, and fans. As power transmission experts for over a century, Gates is driving your vehicles’ belt drive with our automotive V-belts for your passenger cars, light duty trucks, and personal vehicles. The SPZ1120 body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound. carrier valve kit. Superior Length Stability 3. The V shape allows the belt to fit securely in the pulley to prevent side drift and help prevent the belt from turning over. ref. Part Alternates: AHRZ01120, AHRZ-0-1120, SPZ1120, 3030-01-475-9862, 01-475-9862, 3030014759862, 014759862 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment | Belting, Drive Belts, Fan Belts, and Accessories Supply Group (FSG) V-belts, sometimes called vee-belts, are a type of drive belt that have tapered sides that fit in pulleys with side guides. The center number (like 651 above) will be the series number. Nominal top width: b b = N r x S g. belts will operate in standard pulleys provided the. 17 lbs. We use cookies to personalise ads and to analyse our traffic. SPZ1120 V-Belt Features & Benefits High Power Capability - Higher power with a more compact drive Static Dissipating - Safe operation in potentially dangerous atmosphere Consistent performance in multiple V-belt drives and ensures all belts of the same size measure within ISO 4184 matching limits Oil & Heat Resistant - Better than standard belts in oily environments (occasional splash) and Belt Profile: This is worked out by measuring the cross section of the belt and referring to pages 5 to 12. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp you need and we make every attempt to help you in that process. Jason Industrial SPZ1120 UniMatch SP Series Metric V-Belt, Natural Rubber, 1120 mm Pitch Length, 9. belt-. NAME Page D3 ABBR MFG. 72 ounces Length: 1120. CROSS REFERENCE BY PART NUMBER MANFACTURER INDEX Following is a list of all manufacturers’ abbreviated names used in the Number Finder Cross Reference. Visit our site for coupons and promotions. ENVIRO-TEC products include a complete line of direct drive and belt drive blower coil units. This is a wildcard search that requires at least four characters to be entered. Our search was designed to offer fast, accurate and direct cross without needing to navigate through a ton of results. com800-292-6081 4l sections continued pg 28 27 optibelt ld 4l & 5l sections v-belts, single classic v-belts sample part # : 4l780 alternate reference size ld v-belts fractional hp belts 4l section : 1/2”w x 11/32”h a section : 1/2”w x 11/32”h part no. While this cross-reference tool is designed to locate and compare products that appear to be equivalent in their functional use, crosses between different manufacturers’ products may not be an exact match and cross-referenced products, even if apparently similar, may not be interchangeable for all purposes. Anti wrapped v-belt Rubber V-belt/Hard Belt With High Tenacity Polyester Cord/Hard cord v-beltV-belt (tri-angle belt) is the driving transmission belt with cross section as an isosceled trapezoid. They can be used to replace multiple single V-belts. 5V LR03XE / LR03PA MN2400 E92 A91-BP K3A LR03 824 LR3/AM4 14563 Alkaline C 1. Its working face is on the two sides. An instance within a document which refers to related information elsewhere in the same document. NAME ABBR MFG. We have Cord Covers, Braided Sleeving, Wire Loom, and other cable management tools to help with home organizing. Product Features & Benefits. pdf), Text File (. Browse our latest Drive Belts & V Belts offers. It may include distributors, resellers, etc. txt) or read book online for free. Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. Our v belt cross reference search containes over 200,000 crosses for many OEM's & v belt manufacturers. John Deere Parts Viewer. with product features and cross reference list old part no belt. It will look like 138-651-9000. Home Panduit, Hellermann Tyton, Thomas & Betts Cable Ties Cross Reference - Cable Organizer . Cogged belts have grooves that run perpendicular to the length of the belt. Korea's technology Rubber Classical Wrapped V Belt 1. carrier This cross reference tool is offered as a convenience for ENVIRO-TEC representatives to assist in bidding when competitive equipment is specified. 05990612 Ride-on 32" & 38" cut, 11HP models Ride-on 32" & 38" cut 8HP, 10HP & 11HP models and the correct belt will be listed for your machine. Many sizes and configurations are available to suit virtually any application requiring air delivery up to 8500 CFM. 0 millimeters Material: Rubber Measurement System: Metric Model Number: SPZ1120 Number of Bands: 1 Number of Items: 1 Part Number: SPZ1120 Trade Size: SPZ1120 UNSPSC Code: 26111801 Width Supply Group (FSG) NSN Assign. -124948-051, built before8/92 129575-052, built after8/92-. Sections and nominal dimensions. Check Applications Catalog to Verify Cross-Reference. NAME ABBR MFG. uk/companies/stroud-engineering-supplies-ltd/products/ipc120-121-127mm-rubber-line-clip-m8-m10 http://www. Thus, more than one option should be considered and all product features must be Yamaha uses a system of part numbers where the first three digits represent the model that the subject part first appeared on. Choose from our selection of SPZ1120 V-belts in a wide range of styles and sizes. alt. The SPZ1120 belt is 10 mm thick and it has an outter circumference of 1120 mm. 00 millimeters Brand Name: D&D PowerDrive Item Weight: 2. Contact Us. Naismith SPZ-587 SPZ1120 SPZ1737 * SPZ-612 SPZ1137 Compare serpentine belts, timing belts and replacement belt parts online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Where: N r = number of ribs optibelt-usa. Vbelt Cross Reference . 34 0 j 6 effective effective cross number length length section of ribs in inches in tenths of an inch. All these belts will operate in standard pulleys provided the pulleys are manufactured to the DIN 7867 or ISO 9982 standard for the specific cross-section. 5V LR14XP / LR14PA MN1400 E93 A93-BP KC LR14 814 LR14/AM2 14565 Exception: U. This V-belt handles the complete range of drive horsepower requirements with three narrow cross sections instead of the five regular cross sections needed for conventional heavy-duty V-belts. Always follow the advice of your healthcare provider. 94 This tool is for reference only. Fast Shipping. 38: Top Belt Width per strand (mm) 10: Nominal Thickness (inch) 0. com offers a listing of Gates v-belt cross-references including banded, Kevlar, cogged, metric, and more. 888 715 3616. cross reference list. If none of our standard V-belts have the outer circumference you require, tell us what size you need and we'll make one for you. Name; Email Battery Cross Reference Chart Technology Battery Size Voltage Panasonic cell r y ak xell vac y m Alkaline AA 1. Buy D&D PowerDrive SPZ1120 V Belt 10 x 1120mm Vbelt at Walmart. This metric v-belt has a top width of 10mm and an outside measurement of 1,120mm. NAME Cross Reference. Gates Delta Narrow V-belts have a narrow section profile, making them the perfect option for all industry standard drives commonly referred to as narrow or deep wedge. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. The raw edge construction and special notch design makes the Tri-Power® belt especially suited for drives requiring small diameter pulleys and back idlers. NAME ABBR MFG. Banded belts have multiple grooves parallel to the length of the belt for added stability. ABBR MFG. 1688 application oe number bwc number primary air filter prior to -jjc0120460 627975c3 42656 primary air filter after Blower Coil Units . Transcription . Common places to find your model number or serial number: n Owners Manual n OEM Website n On or Under Mower Hood n Under the Seat n Side of the Fuel Tank, Engine or Mower Deck If you know the OEM BELT PART NUMBER, use the OEM BELT PART# CROSS-REFERENCE tab Buy quality SPZ1120 V Belts at heavily discounted prices in Midland WA 6056. dimensions — rib width and belt height. NAME ABBR MFG. This cross reference guide is designed to help you find the lamp you need for your application. Get Started. Motors brand: 60 Hz; 447T Frame; Inverter Grade Insulation System (Meets NEMA MG-1 Part 31, 10:1 Variable Torque and 5:1 Constant Torque) VS WEG: 60/50 Hz; 445/7T Frame; Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1, Part 31 1000:1 Variable Torque and 20:1 Constant Torque Competitor Cross-reference Pump Type Speed Bell & Gossett (ITT) UPS 15 - 58FC/BRC High NRF-22, LR-20 WR Medium NRF-9F/LW Low No Equivalent UPS 26 - 99FC/BFC High NRF-36 SP-2, NRF-45 SP-2 Medium Series 100, PL-30, PR, NRF-36 SP-1, NRF-45 SP1 Low LR-15 BWR UPS 43 - 44FC/BFC High HV Medium NRF-33 Low No Equivalent UPS 15-35SFC High NBF-12F/LW, SSF Identical size v-belts will always vary in length depending on a variety of conditions such as heat, humidity, material composition, etc. Belt Cross Section: SPZ Belt Width: 10. Reference Number: 11416 Call Us 800-626-7030. Submit. Product launch documents, flyers, etc. 5V LR6XE / LR6PA MN1500 E91 A91-BP KAA LX6 815 LR6/AM3 14564 Alkaline AAA 1. See other sizes! The SPZ1120 Wrapped Construction Belts have an outer fabric wrap treated with an engineered synthetic rubber compound that is extremely resistant to oil and heat, specifically designed for excellent wear resistance and proven through thousands of testing hours. You should always verif y the manufacturer's name to assure accuracy of your cross reference. TECHNICAL MANUAL V-BELT DRIVES This technical manual contains all important technical information and methods for the design and calculation of drives with Optibelt V-belts and V-BELTS. Free Next Day Delivery available. For example a B100 belt the industry accepted length variance is 13/16 in. Contacto Teléfono: Cross Reference belts D. new sizes: hn = 2-1/4" top width 15/16" thick. Buy OPTIBELT Drive Belt, belt section SPZ, 1120mm Length SPZ 1120. Serpentine Engine Belts If you want to get 100,000 miles out of a belt, choose an Alliance™ Parts serpentine belt for your truck's engine. Submit. The part number entered will be stripped of spaces, dashes, and special characters. Buy replacement SPZ 1120 belts at VBeltSupply. Large range of A, B, C, Metric and SPZ belts available. 07990704 Tiller 5HP Rocket, 901004, 901005 & 901007 models MODEL Main Drive belt EXP33 / 40, from Serial no. ho = 2-1/2" top width 1" thick V-belt Sizing & Cross Reference Video. Get deals on automotive parts, truck parts and more. 0", 8 Ribs 5080620 K080620 4080620 SB622K8 Serpentine Belt, Length=62. Free 2-day shipping. ref A revolutionary new V-belt — Super HC® — was developed and produced by Gates. SPZ1120 - SPZ Series Metric V Belt 10mm X 1120mm Metric V-Belts are great for high speed and high torque drives on light or heavy industrial equipment as well as automotive machines. The Alliance™ serpentine belt is made from high-strength ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which lasts significantly longer than traditional neoprene belts. Density Cloth 2. 1965 The PowerBand® Belt was introduced. The SPZ1120 Belt weighs approximately 0. D. S. size outside length (in) weight (lbs) part no. Catálogo de Bandas SFK See cross reference chart for Champion RCJ6Y and more than 80. Johnson Controls makes no guarantee that products referenced are an exact match in performance, features, or quality. ABBR MFG. Don't mistake our low price for reduced SPZ1120 PIX SPZ Section V Belt - PIX Premium Quality SPZ section V belt 10mm top width, 8mm thickness, datum length Ld 1120mm. when manufactured. CROSS REFERENCE BY PART NUMBER MANFACTURER INDEX Following is a list of all manufacturers’ abbreviated names used in the Number Finder Cross Reference. POLY CHAIN® GT SPROCKETS Hydraulic Filters, Pall Hydraulic Filters, Pall Filters, Parker Hydraulic Filters, Parker Filters Vickers Filters, Donaldson Filters, Fairey Arlon Filters, PTI http://www. 7 mm Wide, 8 mm Thick: Automotive V Belts: Amazon. 4 v-belt cross sections and dimensions variable speed combine drive belts hi - hj - hk - hl - hm - hn - ho. SPZ1120 Correa Metrica en V tipo SPZ, 1120 mm de longitud, 10 mm de ancho superior, 8 mm de altura. findtheneedle. 00pm) Gates Super HC belts are available in 3V, 5V and 8V cross sections. IN NORTH AMERICA 8AM - 5PM CST MON-FRI V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for A, B, C, D, and E Belt(id:10371019). that do not actually manufacture the applicable part. SPZ1120 Metric Wedge V-Belt Optibelt quantity. SPZ1120 Wedge Belt (Dunlop) The Dunlop wrapped wedge belt is a temperature and oil resistant universal drive belt with antistatic properties that has a deeper cross section than conventional v-belts, this increase in height ensures excellent grip and greater power ratings. Telephone: +44 (0)1709 527 269 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8. Military Cross Reference The Panduit cable ties and marker ties listed in the following tables meet all of the testing requirements of Aerospace Standard SAE-AS23190A (formerly MIL-S-23190E) and the dimensional requirements of Aerospace Standards SAE-AS33671 (formerly MS3367) and SAE-AS33681 (formerly MS3368). Free Next Day Delivery. Gates V-belts are engineered to run maintenance-free to keep your vehicles moving without the need for lubrication or retensioning. NAME Page D3 ABBR MFG. com: Industrial & Scientific The apparatus, generally designated by reference numeral 10, is comprised of enclosed shell 12, entry gate 15, exit gate 18,conveyor belt 26, valving means 30, blower 22, sniffer probe 36, gas chromatograph 38, removal means 40, and removal conveyor belt 42. uk/companies cross-sectional view illustrating the nominal belt. Buy WEDGE BELT - SPZ1120 SPZ 1120 MN. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 07990704 Cutter Deck Drive belt EXP33, before Serial no. Made of chemical- and abrasion-resistant polyurethane rubber, they are often used in light to medium duty power-transmission and conveying applications. co. alt. NAME ABBR MFG. Since Yamahas are, for the most part, parts bin motorcycles, if you can cross-reference the part number of an item you're looking for to a particular model, it will allow more options for sourcing that part. 33: Nominal Thickness (mm) 8: Matching: V80: RMA Static Conductive: Yes: RMA Oil and Heat Resistant: Yes: Core Material: Oil & Heat Resistant SPZ1120 (10x1120 Ld) Gates Delta SPZ Section Wedge Belt. Using:V-belt is Dayton/Competitor Cross Reference If you have an idea of what your current product is and would like to view compatible Dayton products, then this is the right application for you! Cross Reference Guides. All these. When attempting to move from a different brand to a Coloplast product, it is important to realize that such a transition often cannot be made with a perfect one-to-one match. Our online based business with low overhead allows us to pass huge savings on to you. Thousands in Stock. com provides all the materials you need to organize your messy cables. 000 other spark plugs. Main Drive belt, EXP33 / 40, before Serial no. POWERTWIST Drive Wedge Belts are a long-lasting, easy to install upgrade to rubber wedge belts. Add to cart. You should always verif y the manufacturer's name to assure accuracy of your cross reference. Material: Chroprene Rubber(CR), Glass Fiber, Fabric or others (as customer's requirement) Type: There are two ,Anti-heat 4. To Order: Please specify outer circumference in 1/4 " increments. We also share information about your use of our site with our advertising and analytics partners. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. The part number entered will be stripped of spaces, dashes, and special characters. This is an SPZ1120 Conventional Wrapped V-Belt. 9982 standard for the specific cross-section. The word "Manufacturer" is used only for ease of reference. 2", 8 Ribs 5080622 K080623 V-belt Cross Section: 3VX: Length (inch) 45: Length (mm) 1143: Length Type: Outside Circumference: Top Belt Width per strand (inch) 0. pulleys are manufactured to the DIN 7867 or ISO. com CROSS-REFERENCE SB620K8 Serpentine Belt, Length=62. Table continues on page B1. com. Gates Belt Cross Reference Click Here. Comments . Gates Tri-Power® V-belt is built for superior performance on heavy duty drives of classical cross-section. Shop in-store or buy online with fast shipping. Truflex FHP Low Horse-Power V-Belt; Gates Truflex V-Belts are recommended for lower VBeltSupply. To determine your series number: Look for the model number tag on your tractor. In stock and ready to ship. 30am - 5. . High Quality Low Price V belts. findtheneedle. tractor belt and filter cross reference. Product cross reference guides and documents. • Gates Curves provide proper cord support and full contact with the sheaves-groove for uniform wear, and increased belt life • The Flex-Bonded Cords are strongly bonded to body of the belt resulting in equal load distribution and the absorption of MTD Belts - By Size. in accordance with industry standards. That is a possible variance of over 1-1/2 in. spz1120 belt cross reference